Term Conditions

QooCommerce (P) Ltd welcomes you to know more about term & condition before taking any further action.

Our belief is to make all the deed profound and transparent . In order to keep all the statement accurate, we have some Term & Condition state below.

Standard Term & Condition Rules

These terms and conditions shall govern the use of the QooCommerce website (https://www.qoocommerce.com ) and the purchase of any products or services from it. The website is the personal property of QooCommerce (p) ltd . Given Term and Condition is mandatory when you sign up and fill the Contact Us form. Kindly make sure that you read all the legal document carefully and agree the same before filling the form details. In case you have any query related to same issue then you can contact us 24/7.

Please note that accesssing, browsing and visiting on any page of website bound every individual to agree with our term and condition. Spending your time on qoocommerce.com automatically allow us that you’re agreeing these term and condition. Otherwise, leave the website immediately.

Change in Packages and Pricing

QooCommerce reserves the right to change the price and services of its services and packages at any point of time. The information regarding prices and services available on our site may be changed without any prior information. Increase in price of our services is our sole decision and for all new deals, new price will be applicable. QooCommerce can increase the price anytime and new price will be effective for the new deals but the orders placed before the announcement of the new price will be considered at the old price only. The information published on our website regarding prices and services may be changed at any point of time, without prior intimation. Also, increase of prices would be a sole decision of QooCommerce. This would be effective for the new deals but the orders placed prior to announcement would be treated on previous slot.

The services & products which have fixed prices of fixed packages have been mentioned in the website service page and pricing page. These are the pre-defined package which can cover most of the requirements. But in case of custom requirement, none of the package will be applicable and a fresh price will be shared after understanding your requirement and going through your scope of work.